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Construction Loans

03/04/2023 18:10 PM
If you’re thinking of building your own home, you’ll need to be familiar with the ins and outs of construction loans. Construction loans are not as straightforward as standard home loans. There...

Do you know your interest rate?

08/03/2023 08:00 AM
Interest rates are a big factor in each repayment and the total cost over the life of a loan, so staying on top of your current rate, as well as the interest trends across the market, is...

Investing in a holiday house? Location is everything

08/02/2023 09:00 AM
Before you take the leap into a holiday-home investment, it’s essential that you consider all angles. This means taking your heart out of the equation and giving thought to rental returns. In fact,...

Debt Consolidation using your home equity

25/01/2023 18:49 PM
Debt consolidation may sound daunting but in reality, it’s just a few simple steps that can help make your finances much more manageable.   ...

What Happens When Your Fixed Rate Term Ends

04/01/2023 21:00 PM
Fixed-rate terms last for a set period of time that is prearranged between you and your lender. Fixed-rate periods last between one and five years. When your fixed rate term ends,...

Why Do We Refinance?

20/12/2022 12:53 PM
Refinancing has a lot of advantages. It can allow you to lower your monthly payment or save money on interest over the life of your loan.   The latest data from the Australian...

Rents Rising Fastest

02/12/2022 06:50 AM
As any property investor could tell you, rents have grown strongly over the past year.   But when you drill down into the data, as did, you discover that s...

Borrowing Capacity

31/10/2022 12:00 PM
Why your borrowing capacity is probably lower than six months ago? The increase in interest rates over the past six months has made it harder for Australians to qualify for a home loan, and...

Spend Wisely

03/10/2022 17:00 PM
Credit limits and spending behavior are two of the many factors that a lender will check in getting a home loan mortgage.Australians are making increasing use of credit cards and...

Interest Rates Fluctuation

02/09/2022 00:00 AM
Why some fixed rates are falling? While variable interest rates are continuing to rise, and will almost certainly increase further, some lenders are actually cutting their fixed rates. ...